Dive into a comedic journey filled with unexpected vibes and hilarious anecdotes as we explore morning sickness, family wakes, and the challenges of stand-up comedy. Join our hosts and guest, Adam Anwar, as they discuss industry dynamics, creative processes, and engage in a quickfire round on conspiracy themes. Get ready to laugh, reflect, and discover the lighter side of life in episode 34! 🔥😂 #ComedyPodcast #StandUpLaughs #ConspiracyBanter

Letal Weapons….
Possibly the second funniest podcast on the internet. Embark on a hilarious journey into the world of comedy with the dynamic duo, Joey Jackson and Tommy Morley, as they launch their uproarious stand-up comedy podcast, ‘Lethal Weapons! Join these not so fresh-faced hosts on their comedic quest, as they navigate the exciting and sometimes awkward moments of starting out in the UK comedy scene. With a mix of witty observations, relatable anecdotes, and laugh-out-loud banter, Joey, Tommy and Mike provide a unique perspective on the trials and triumphs of becoming comedians. Witness the birth of their comedic prowess, as they fearlessly tackle the stage, one punchline at a time. Tune in to YouTube or listen on your podcast provider and be part of the laughter-filled adventure that is ‘Lethal Weapons’ .

Content Warning: This podcast contains explicit language and the views expressed are solely the opinions of the hosts / Guests. Listener discretion is advised.

Adams Insta https://www.instagram.com/Iamadamanwar

Cams Insta https://www.instagram.com/lightscameronaction

Tommy’s Insta https://www.instagram.com/Tmozcomedy

Joey’s Insta https://www.instagram.com/Joey_Jackson

00:00 – Intro and Guests:

Introduces the YouTube episode titled “I make radiators hot 🔥 ft. Adam Anwar episode 34.”
Mention of morning sickness, twins, and the guest, Adam Anwar, an astronomer.
05:30 – Unusual Vibes and Dimensions:

Acknowledges a departure from the usual vibe.
Reference to a TikTok trend with a gold dealer in New York.
11:15 – Comedy Journey and Anxiety:

Reflects on the comedian’s journey and anxiety, especially related to remembering the order of jokes during performances.
16:45 – Comedy Industry Dynamics:

Discusses the traditional route where established comedians help newcomers with opportunities.
Highlights the struggle for attention in the comedy industry.
22:10 – Wakes and Family Conversations:

Shares a personal perspective on wakes after funerals, finding humor in family conversations during such occasions.
28:05 – Early Comedy Experiences and Influences:

Recalls early experiences watching comedy, references Freddy Prince Jr., and discusses the impact of comedy on television.
33:40 – Stand-Up Comedy Challenges:

Describes the challenge of doing a 45-minute set and the importance of support from experienced comedians.
40:15 – Creative Process and Collaboration:

Talks about the creative process, the costs involved in promoting shows, and the value of collaboration with other comedians.
47:30 – Quick Fire Round – Conspiracy Themes:

Engages in a quick-fire round discussing topics like climate change, vaccines, and conspiracy theories.
55:20 – Personal Anecdotes and Closing:

Shares personal stories, including harmless pranks and encounters with a fellow comedian.
Mentions upcoming gigs, including an open mic event with established acts opening and closing.



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