In this lively and unfiltered YouTube video titled “Ensuring Safety: Navigating Nighttime Encounters & Making Women Feel Secure,” the hosts engage in a diverse array of comedic discussions and anecdotes. The conversation spans topics from the importance of making women feel safe at night to Everton Football Club’s financial controversies. The hosts share childhood stories involving animal mishaps, and there’s a humorous exploration of conspiracy theories, covering everything from election results to aliens. The banter takes unexpected turns, including raunchy humor about injections and light-hearted discussions about crisps and Eskimos. The video maintains a humorous and irreverent tone throughout, leaving viewers entertained by the unpredictable and comically eclectic range of subjects discussed by the hosts of the Lethal Weapon Podcast.

Possibly the second funniest podcast on the internet. Embark on a hilarious journey into the world of comedy with the dynamic duo, Joey Jackson and Tommy Morley, as they launch their uproarious stand-up comedy podcast, ‘Lethal Weapons! Join these not so fresh-faced hosts on their comedic quest, as they navigate the exciting and sometimes awkward moments of starting out in the UK comedy scene. With a mix of witty observations, relatable anecdotes, and laugh-out-loud banter, Joey, Tommy and Mike provide a unique perspective on the trials and triumphs of becoming comedians. Witness the birth of their comedic prowess, as they fearlessly tackle the stage, one punchline at a time. Tune in to YouTube or listen on your podcast provider and be part of the laughter-filled adventure that is ‘Lethal Weapons’ .

Content Warning: This podcast contains explicit language and the views expressed are solely the opinions of the hosts / Guests. Listener discretion is advised.

Content Warning: This podcast contains explicit language and the views expressed are solely the opinions of the hosts / Guests. Listener discretion is advised.

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04:08-06:45 Anecdote about keeping a distance from a woman on a night out.
06:45-11:02 Matt’s experience encountering someone climbing a fence while walking home.
11:02-15:05 Discussion about Everton Football Club’s financial issues and controversies.
15:05-19:00 Anecdote about a dog being hit over the head with a lamp.
19:00-23:00 Childhood stories involving animal cruelty and fireworks.
23:00-27:50 Conversation about parents leaving kids alone and returning late.
27:50-30:10 Transition to discussing aliens and conspiracy theories.
30:10-35:30 Discussion on election results and conspiracy theories related to vote counting.
35:30-38:50 Light-hearted banter about farting and sheep’s legs.
38:50-43:20 Humorous discussions about tall people, evolution, and various topics.
43:20-47:15 Raunchy humor about a man injecting substances into his neck.
47:15-50:05 Tangent about the taste of different crisps.
50:05-53:45 Discussion on the square caskets in America and grave robbing.
53:45-57:15 Humorous conversation about Eskimos and bodily fluids.
57:15-1:00:45 Quick mentions of potential future events and an invitation to a live show.
1:00:45-End Brief reference to Will Smith being gay, leading to an abrupt end.



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