Welcome to Episode 38 –Insertraline, where humor meets the unexpected! Join us as we dive into a whirlwind of laughter, quirky stories, and candid conversations with our special guests, the ever-entertaining Gill Gee and Mel Judson. What’s in this episode: Charity Shop Shenanigans: Mike clears the air about a hilarious misunderstanding involving a charity shop and a flat cap. The Fake Kate Moss Incident: Gill Gee recounts a unique photography gig gone awry featuring a faux celebrity. Morning Routines Exposed: Mel Judson shares her morning cheerfulness, much to the dismay of not-so-morning person, Gill. Life’s Quirky Moments: Tune in for a series of amusing anecdotes revealing our guests’ lighter sides. Charity and Comedy: The duo discusses balancing charity work with their comedic careers. Magic and Mischief: A touch of the mystical as we delve into the world of magic spells and candles. Personal Tales: From unexpected text messages to candid discussions about sexual health, no topic is off-limits! Laughter Guaranteed: Get ready for an episode filled with humor, unexpected twists, and a lot of heart. 


Timestamps: 00:00: Introduction 01:15: Charity Shop Story 03:30: The Flat Cap Tale 05:50: Charity and Finances 08:20: The Fake Kate Moss Gig 10:45: Morning Routines 13:10: Personal Habits 15:30: Social Event Stories 18:05: Misunderstanding Anecdote 20:40: Charity Work and Gigs 23:15: Unusual Personal Experiences 26:00: Magic Spells Discussion 28:40: Varied Personal Anecdotes 31:20: Sexual Health Talk 34:00: Closing Remarks Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more hilarious and heartwarming episodes of Insertraline. Your support means the world to us!

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